An Eco-Friendly Way to Wash Your Car

Did you know that washing your car professionally is more eco-friendly than washing your vehicle at home? People sometimes think of car washes as being bad for the environment but going to a professional car wash — especially a green car wash like Diamond Wash Auto Spa — is an eco-friendly way to wash your car. 

Professional car washes use less water than washing your car at home 

Washing your car at home typically uses more water than a professional car wash. According to the Mid-America Regional Council out of Kansas City, MO, the average homeowner uses 116 gallons of water to wash a car. Your typical commercial car wash uses 60 percent less water for the entire car wash than a homeowner uses just to a vehicle. 

That’s just one car and one wash. Let’s say you wash your car once a week. Now, think about everyone in your neighborhood who washes his or her vehicle each week. Now, think about the neighborhood next to yours, and the one next to that one, and so on. 

Diamond Wash collects, filters, treats, and reuses water from each washing, making the entire car washing process even more eco-friendly. 

Where does the water go when you wash your car at home? 

It most likely seeps into the ground, or it rolls down your neighborhood storm drains. Either way, the water from home car washing enters the local water ways, carrying with it any grit, grime, and grease from your vehicle along with any chemicals from the soaps, solvents, and cleaning solutions you used. Unlike water that enters sanitary sewers, water that flows through storm drains is not treated before entering waterways. 

This means that virtually all the chemicals and contaminants — including exhaust fumes, gasoline, and motor oil — that result from washing your car at home end up in surrounding rivers, lakes, and streams. These chemicals can damage ecosystems and harm wildlife.  

Professional car washes follow strict regulations and take measures to minimize their environmental impact. This includes water-saving techniques and equipment — such as low-flow nozzles — using biodegradable products, proper treatment of water, and disposal of grit-trap waste. 

Diamond Wash only uses environmentally safe soaps and cleaners to prevent harming the environment or your car. Stop by and see us if you’re looking for a car wash in the Bentonville area; you will leave with a clean car and a clean conscience. Be sure to ask about our car wash memberships — or sign up online!