Is Membership Worth It?

Northwest Arkansas is one of the greatest places to be for outdoor enthusiasts. We have world-class rock climbing, mountain biking trails, hiking trails, and scenic rivers for paddling and fishing. Of course, getting to your favorite outdoor spot often means long drives down dusty back roads and navigating overgrown accesses. Don’t worry about a little grit and grime. Your car wash membership gives you the confidence to kick up the dust knowing that you have the freedom to wash your car on your preferred schedule.  

Having a car wash membership is the most convenient and cost-effective way to keep your car looking its absolute best. Clean cars look better, driving in a clean car feels good, and keeping your car clean helps maintain the appearance of your vehicle.  

It’s economical 

The more you wash, the more you save; it’s simple math. What about your time? When you select a Diamond Wash membership plan, you’re factoring in the value of your time and making sure you have more of it to do the things you want to do.

Protect your investment 

Your vehicle is a big investment, and washing your vehicle is a part of protecting and maintaining that investment. Ozone, exhaust fumes, gasoline, heavy metals, dirt, debris, pollen, pollution, and various chemicals (especially during the winter when anti-icing agents are on the road) can damage the paint and appearance of your vehicle. Routine washes are an inexpensive way to keep your vehicle in good condition. 

Look your best 

A squeaky-clean vehicle looks great. You don’t want to show up to work, sporting events, parties, or gatherings with friends in a dust-caked car, or mud-covered truck. Your car wash membership let you keep your vehicle looking presentable, at your convenience.  

Boost your mood 

Driving a car that looks good feels good. It’s the little things in life that bring you joy: getting in bed when the sheets are warm, hitting the rapids just right in a canoe, the sound of a perfectly hit baseball, driving around in freshly cleaned and detailed car that looks and feels like a million bucks. The cost of a car wash is a small price to pay for happiness, and that price is even smaller when you have a Diamond Wash membership. 

Car wash memberships at Diamond Wash  

Diamond Wash car wash memberships make it easy to keep your car looking and performing at its best. We offer different plans to match your needs. Plus, you’re not locked in with a membership; cancel using your app any time you’d like.  

You can sign up online.